The meat sold by the Co. Pro. Car. San Nicolò comes from the Chianina breed and is certificated by the C.C.B.I. (consortium of Italian manufacturers of fine bovine meat from selected Italian breeds) a consortium of  breeders recognized by the ministry of agricultural politics.

The production chain of our meat is made by:

BREEDING FARMS of our members located in Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio. About 70{5b5e86e0b9fc6473ca475bb36251b61193f30380b703ec80e68aef8556969b1c} of our bovines is grown in the pastures of the region Umbria.

The ANIMAL FEEDS (corn, healing herb, fodder, field beans, barley) are natural products grown by our members.

THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE the bovines coming from the members’ farms must be part of the production chain of the C.C.B.I. and undergo controls according to the disciplinary C.C.B.I.

The slaughterhouse, after verifying the certificate of the bovines, has the task of marking the meat and releasing the identity card that will be valid also for the final consumer.

PROCESSING LABORATORY The fire marked quarters arrive from the slaughterhouse to the processing laboratory, where they are cut, parted and transformed into the products for the wholesale .

THE SHOPS The packed and labelled meat arrives to the shops with the information collected and controlled during the production chain (bovine identification number, breeding farm, breed, date of slaughter etc..)

The customer is sure to buy a product with a controlled production chain.

INDIPENDENT CONTROL BODY The 3A-PTA control body, performs control activities according to the control plan of the entire production chain and the Organization, in order to ensure the entrance in the market of the "beef labelled by Consorzio C.C.B.I." according to the C.C.B.I.’s disciplinary.