1974 Creation of the Cooperativa Produttori Carne Coltivatoti Diretti San Nicolò

(cooperative society of farmers and Chianina breeders) by a group of farmers. Their task was selling their products in a market once dominated by the French meats manufacturers.

1974 Opening of a butcher shop in Terni

1980 Change in the market force

the rising of the wholesale distribution negatively impacts the little butcher   shop. This brought a change in its business plans, starting from pre-packaging products to modified atmosphere packaging.

CO.PRO.CAR. Becomes a member of the  5R or CCBI consortium

A voluntary assosiation of Italian Chianina bovines' breeders, and the production of high quality products begins.

Eu trademark

The company obtains the EU trademark for the section, production and preparation of bovine meat, EEC 2376/S, EEC 2376/P, EEC 0892/S. Today the cooperative has one trademark EEC 2376/S.

1998 -1999 new butcher's laboratory

The company decides to purchase 4000m2  of land in the industrial area of Montecastrilli, strategically located next to the E45 highway exit in order to quick dispatch. The following year the construction of the building starts.

18th of April 2000 Opening of the new butcher laboratory.


The company processes and sells exclusively Chianina breed bovines, which arrive to the factory from the slaughterhouses – partners of the consortium C.C.B.I. Most of them are packaged in modified atmosphere, skin packagings, or vacuumed. We sell them to wholesalers or supermarkets chains such as Metro, Auchan, Carrefour, Sma, Il Gigante in Italy and Europe.


The Co. Pro. Car. Cc. dd. San Nicolò applies auto-monitoring measures in compliance with the law (D.Lvo 155/97 of the Italian law and the new EU regulations on hygiene EC n. 2073/2005) and according to a auto-monitoring document written by an external team leader, in which it is specified a risk analysis system and the control of critical points in the HACCP.

The equipments and the machines we use are new and with advanced technologies to ensure an excellent manufacturing of the products.


The company has decided to follow and apply a high quality policy by several means:

In 2004  a quality management system was developped according to the BRC/IFS standards and the general monitoring authority SGS (Société Générale de Survaillance). This has lead to the improvement processes and strengthen the results obtained by the appliance of the auto-monitoring procedures HACCP.

To fulfil the quality development and improvement process in each step of the production, the company rely on human resources in the increasing of the internal control level, in order to be more efficient for the clients and distribution chains.

In creating and developing its quality management system the company commits to:

  • Continue to develop, at every organization level, the quality culture and the conservation of traditions with respect to the different religious groups.
  • Give to clients’ satisfaction a key role in the strategic decisions, in each process and in the production activity.
  • Provide high quality products made from C.C.B.I. selected raw materials.

To ensure the appliance and maintenance of a quality system, the company management nominates a RAQ/RCQ with the specific task of keeping the company update about the outgoing of the quality system.